Sunday, September 17, 2006

Off Topic: Hit & Run

There won't be much knitting in this post.
You never know what life is going to fling at you next. Last Friday evening I took my Beagle, Levi, for his customary postprandial constitutional. We follow a regular route so he can reinforce the boundaries of his territory with little pee markers. On the downhill leg of our tour, I heard a vehicle revving up down the road behind us, so I stepped off the shoulder onto the grass and put myself between Levi and the road. Before I could turn around to look, the vehicle sped toward us, slamming into my left side and knocking me to the ground. For a minute I couldn't move, but I got my head up and saw a light gray or silver vehicle, either an SUV or pickup truck with a cap, stopped at the stop sign ahead. It just sat there, so I thought perhaps the driver might get out to see if I was hurt. As I got to my hands and knees, the vehicle turned the corner and sped off. I was too shaken to think to try to read the license plate, but I had kept a death grip on Levi's leash. I got to my feet and limped home with Levi, meeting my husband at the door. I said, "I just got hit by a truck." Once he realized I meant that literally, he called 911 to report the accident. The ambulance arrived, and I declined transport to the hospital, because I thought I was all right, just bruised and shaken. My husband and the paramedics advised me that I should go get checked out, so I was strapped to a backboard and driven to Heartland Regional. I got x-rayed 50 ways from Tuesday, and was feeling more pain every minute, and getting short of breath. The nurse was asking me if I could donate a urine sample when I passed out and peed my pants. Off I went for a CT scan with contrast. Next thing I know, the ER doc is back and saying there may be a bleeding problem, damage to my spleen, but not to worry - the surgeon on-call was being paged to come in. With the surgeon's arrival everything went into fast-forward - apparently the damage was serious and internal bleeding extensive. I was whisked away to the OR, and later woke up in ICU, status post exploratory laparotomy and splenectomy. After 5 days I was released, and my head is still spinning. Sure wish I could track down the bastard who hit me, but there is not enough evidence to mount an investigation. Several of my family flew/drove in as soon as they heard about my accident - this is a hell of an excuse for a family reunion! But I am very touched and grateful for their support and loving care while I was in the hospital, and when I got home. I said goodbye to my older daughter Rachael and my Dad and stepmother yesterday, but my big sister Arlyn is still here, chivvying and plumping pillows for a few more days. I am also very grateful for all our neighbors and friends who supported Doug and me, it makes me feel much more at home and part of the community here. My sister has been working with Doug on the pontoon boat renovation, and they put it back in the water this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow we can take a test-drive.

On the knitting front, I have received requests for Jayne hats from my daughter Arlyn Elise and her family, all of them avid Firefly fans. I am almost finished the first one, and I'm digging out all the acrylic worsted in my stash to make the most outlandish color combinations I can think of. All my other works-in-progress have been put aside for baby items - Doug's younger daughter and her husband are expecting twins. My stash may noticeably decrease once I sort out all the baby yarn.


Blogger Andrew said...

I can't believe that person wouldn't stop! it makes you wonder what kind of selfish people there are out there in the world. What if you had been alone and hadn't realized you were bleeding internally (which you apparently didn't). He (or she I guess) could have been signing your death warrant by leaving. I hope you have a full recovery, and soon.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

September 17, 2006 6:00 AM  

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