Sunday, September 09, 2007

Illusion Knitting and Washcloths

I wanted to learn Illusion or Shadow knitting, so I signed up for 2 Yahoo groups to learn how to do this, Illusion Knitting and More, and Illusion Knitting. This is the Pumpkin Illusion Cloth I made as my first attempt. When you look at it directly (below), it just looks like stripes - but if you view it at an angle (above), you can see the pattern.
I used acrylic worsteds from my stash of vintage yarns. The pattern is from the Illusion Knitting and More group, if you want this pattern you should sign up for the group. They require participation in 2 swaps a year, and also require that you have a 'Life Happens' cloth in place with the moderator so that if you cannot finish a swap, there will be a cloth to send your swap partner. Below is my 'Life Happens' cloth, the Flying Geese design by Vaunda Rae Giberson. It is worked in the Reynolds Saucy mercerized cotton left over from Bri's Mushroom Cap, and it is much nicer to work with than the other cotton yarns that are readily available.
Below is my first attempt at making a dishcloth, this is the Embossed Turtle cloth from Smariek Knits. I went stash-diving for an appropriate cotton yarn, and found a bag of Jack Frost Comfort 12 that I bought in the 70s. I googled Jack Frost yarn, and only found a few items on eBay, so I doubt it's being made anymore. After I made up the cloth, I atually read the label - nope, it's not cotton, it's acrylic! I don't think acrylic would make a very good washcloth, but I love this design.


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