Monday, March 13, 2006

One Soggy, Messy Knitter

It has been one soggy muddy stretch of days, and I haven't gotten much sleep the past two nights. I've been sitting up watching the emergency broadcasts for tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms. My dear husband keeps saying, "This isn't normal for this area," but I'm beginning to doubt him. The drainage creek on the side of our property has gone from a calm trickle to a rushing torrent, complete with waterfall sound effects. The first 5 inches of rain on Thursday night swamped the end of our dock and started swallowing up one of the raised beds. Our neighbor's dock has a bench on the far end, which now appears to be perched insubstantially on the water's surface.
My knitting-needle-eating cats are demonstrating beaming approval of my new knitting needle case. They obviously think I have spread a veritable feast before them. Since I filled up this case, I have discovered Murphy's Knitting Law: No matter how many knitting needles one has, one never has the right size to begin the next project.
And on to more mess: This is the shameful state of my yarn stash, after ransacking it to find an elusive skein of yarn that was apparently eaten by the moving truck. One of these days I will have to get organized....either that, or start knitting my way from front to back of this embarrassingly large stash. I counted 10 plus containers of yarn. I think I need a Knitter's 12-step program.


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