Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back to Knitting

While I'm recovering from my unfortunate accident, I've been digging through my pile of projects in progress, trying to finish the smaller ones that don't require too much of my attention. I have started numerous ZigZag scarves (from Iris Schreier's book Modular Knits) and ripped them out because I didn't like the way the colors worked. So here's the first one I have actually finished, worked in RedHeart Multicolor "Farmland" on size US 8 needles. This took up the whole skein, with about a yard left over, and is almost the required 60 inches long.

On another topic, my husband just became a granddaddy for the first time. His daughter Chanda and her husband Will presented him with twins yesterday evening. Caroline Soleil and Harlow (sp?) Emily arrived at barely 26 weeks' gestation and are in the NICU, but neither required intubation or mechanical ventilation. They are both just under 2 pounds, so we are worrying and praying that they will be strong and do well. Having worked in a NICU for many years, I know way too much, so I have to remind myself that almost all of the babies I cared for did well and eventually went home. Now that the twins are here, I am ripping out all the newborn-size garments I have been working on, and searching for free preemie patterns on the Internet. I've found some really pretty things, so the needles will soon be flying, making up little pink glad rags.


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