Sunday, October 15, 2006

Multidirectional Swirl Skirt Pattern

Iris has graciously permitted me to post directions for my Multidirectional Swirl Skirt pattern entered in Contest 2. You will need her book, Modular Knits, to make this. My skirt is roughly a child's size 10 - adjust for your desired waistband measurement by adding or decreasing the number of squares in the first step.

Modular Knits, pg 76-77-78 Square Holes Sweater
Work 1 row Square Holes Sweater design - make as many squares as you need for your waistband measurement:
Work steps 1 through 4. Stitch count must be a multiple of 8 for the next step.

Skirt Yoke:
Modular Knits pg 40, Felted Geometric Tote:
Work Step 1, Base Triangles, for 12 triangles (or as many triangles as you have, based on the multiple of 8 stitches).
Join and work Step 1 of Bag Body for 12 diamonds (or as many diamonds as you have, based on the multiple of 8 stitches), placing a marker at the beginning of the round.
Repeat Step 1 of Bag Body until desired length is reached.
Note: 1st diamond of each round will have 8 ridges, all others will have 7 ridges.

Skirt Ruffle:
Modular Knits, pg 107 Sheer One-Piece Shawl
Elongated diamonds: Knitting around, work 2 increases using k1inc1 at top of each diamond, and work 1 decrease using skp at sides of each diamond, and knitting 6 sts between increases and decreases (the number of stitches between increases and decreases will increase as you work). Use wrap & turn to continue working in garter stitch while turning to begin each new round. Every 3 rows, add elongated stitches using double wrap method. DO NOT use double wrap on increases and decreases.
Continue until desired length is reached. Hem edge will be points of diamonds.

Sew ends of waistband together, turning under edges and leaving side edge open for drawstring (or finish as desired, I had trouble with this part).
Make a 4-stitch I-cord for drawstring. Thread through holes in waistband.

Clear as mud, huh? Feel free to email me with any problems. This was very labor-intensive for me, and I want to try making an adult-size skirt, but that is on the back burner for now. I'm up to my ears in preemie hats and booties, and a passel o' Jayne hats for the avid Firefly fans in my family.


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